Shorelines Arts Festival September 18-21 2014

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The Shorelines Arts Festival runs from September 18th to the 21st in Portumna, County Galway. Last year’s festival was packed with fun and creative works and this year promises even more things to see and do.

The festival offers a plethora of events which are sure to whit everyone’s appetite. From drama to history, from literature to food, from art to upcycling, and with workshops galore, there are plenty of events to keep you busy from morning until night.

Most events sell out quickly due to popular interest. You can purchase tickets to events online prior to the festival by clicking here.

If you are in the area on or around September 18th to the 21st I would strongly suggest that you visit the festival. The town boasts a Jacobean Castle as a venue for plays, an Irish Workhouse Center for art as well as musical events and plays, and the locality is steeped in history, a rich and diverse history that comes to life as you stroll from castle to workhouse.

I am attending the festival, flying from Connecticut, USA, because I admire how the organizers and volunteers put so much effort into showcasing my hometown of Portumna.

If you are part of the Irish diaspora, remember that September in Ireland is a beautiful time of year! It’s a great opportunity to experience Irish history, culture and art all in the one town at the Shorelines Art Festival 2014. Hope to see you there!



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