Meet and Greet Packages. Are they $worth$ it?

There’s a new way to make more money beyond acting, singing or dancing. Nowadays fans can pay a hefty price to meet and greet performers. But buyer beware. These costly meet and greet packages are not always worth the price. Organizers are charging $200-$300 above ticket prices for VIP Meet and Greet Packages that do not deliver.

VIP Meet and Greet Packages are relatively new and costly, and sometimes a great disappointment to fans. It is important to do your research before parting with a large sum of money. Even the biggest fans will feel cheated if the Meet and Greet is a fail.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. Will you actually meet, as in physically shake hands with the performer?

Eve    @evelienh   How not to do a Meet & Greet. £500 for a Q&A is not worth it, sorry.  5:59 AM - 5 Jul 2014

Eve @evelienh
How not to do a Meet & Greet. £500 for a Q&A is not worth it, sorry.
5:59 AM – 5 Jul 2014

Some fans don’t get within twenty feet of the performer at these Meet and Greets. It sounds like a stupid question, after all, it is a Meet and Greet. But the organizer’s definition might be very different from yours.

2. How long will the meet and greet last?

Fans have complained of 3 second meet and greet experiences. Is it really worth the extra money?

3. How many other fans will be in attendance?

In some cases over 200 other people are there and the performers/performer is just plain tired by the end. It isn’t their fault, and remember they might be tired after performing on stage, they aren’t super human. Is that going to be your fond memory of the pricey meet and greet?

4. What are the precise details of the Meet and Greet? What will happen from start to finish?

Perhaps you were you promised a photo with the performer, some signed memorabilia and did not receive it?

5. What happens if the Meet and Greet is cancelled?

If a performer becomes ill, or simply decides not to do the meet and greet, what happens? Will you get refunded?

6. If photos are permitted will you be able to get your picture taken with the performer?

Selfies? Group photos? Sometimes cameras are not permitted. Sometimes flash photography is not permitted. Sometimes it is just a $400 awkward moment.

7. What do you do if you feel ripped off by a meet and greet package that fails to deliver?

It is one thing to pay $900 for a Miley Cyrus Meet and Greet package that delivers all that was promised, groping included, but what if you paid a hefty sum and not all meet and greet promises were met?

  • Find out who the organizer or promoter of the Meet and Greet was and send an email complaint to them regarding your issues with the meet and greet.
  • Start up a Facebook group page and invite others to come and share their experiences.
  • Get on social media and connect with people on twitter or instagram who have taken pictures to illustrate their disappointing meet and greet experiences.
  • Contact local consumer advocacy groups and ask what can be done to correct the issue.
  • Be courteous to the performers. Remember, they are not responsible for the organization of these meet and greet packages, the promoters and organizers are.

Important things to do before the Meet and Greet

1. Save every email communication from the organizers.

2. Ask precise questions about the details of the Meet and Greet and save responses.

3. View social media prior to purchasing Meet and Greet packages for reviews if possible. #MeetandGreetRipOff   on Twitter can be useful.


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