Age Progression: What would they look like now?

It’s a new year, 2015, and both you and I face another year, hopefully, of growing older. Happy New Year?

Nobody “likes” growing older.  I try to be positive about it, reminding myself that  growing old is a privilege that those who died young were not allowed to enjoy.

My parents celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. (Photo by Mary Horrigan)

My parents, Michael and Margaret Horrigan, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. (Photo by Mary Horrigan)

Both of my parents died young. My father was 60 years old and my mother died the day after she turned 68. I still think that’s young. Especially with today’s health and medical standards. I wonder what both of my parents would have looked like now.

My father would have been 87 as of January 2015, and my mother would have been 79 in May of 2015. As the Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh said, “Every old man I see, Reminds me of my father.” And the same holds true of my mother.

The company Phojoe, based in Clarkston Mi, has been featured on many media outlets for their competence in age progression photos of missing children. The company has turned its competency into a form of grief therapy for parents whose children died young, doing age progression photos of what the deceased children would look like now.

Phojoe artists have also had some fun using age progression on photos of dead celebrities. So let’s have a bit of fun with that. All pictures were done by Phojoe and used in a Daily Mail article from November 2013. Let’s see if you can guess who the “aged” celebrity is before you click on the live link at the bottom of the last photo. Let’s get started.

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 Some are easy, others not so easy. If you give up, click on this link, The Daily Mail article: What if they had lived to fade away? Rock and roll legends who died young imagined in old age with the help of photo technology.

So, how many did you get? My husband got two right. Did you do better?

Here are my favorite pictures of my parents.

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I can’t resist! Just did this age progression of myself using Microsoft Digital Image Suite photoshop combined with an age progression tutioial from I look like my mother, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Lonnie old.png 2And here’s another apple from the tree photo of my son and my dad. He has both sides in him though. I can see my husband’s dad there too.

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4 thoughts on “Age Progression: What would they look like now?

  1. I would love to have a picture done of what my grandson would of looked like since he would be 21 now he died at 6 months old is this possible

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