Shadow of alien seen on old Moon picture

Moon Men in Crater 1An old photo taken from Apollo 18, approximately three and a half minutes before the sun set behind planet earth, reveals what seems to be the first indication of the existence of alien life on the moon.

Flight commander Cornelius O’Toole captured the amazing image of what seems to be a man and his shadow standing next to a moon crater.The photo, taken on February 30th 1971, has astounded the gullible and naive and those who would believe anything.

O’Toole, using a Kodak Instamatic camera bought for him by his girlfriend for his  birthday three years ago, was initially disappointed that she had bought him a camera, but decided to keep his opinion to himself.

“I hinted for ages that I wanted a set of golf clubs, but she didn’t bite. I suppose the camera was a cheaper option,” O’Toole said and added, “I wouldn’t say that to my girlfriend though. She was touchy enough when I asked her what happened to the golf clubs idea. Least said soonest mended, ya’know wha I mean like?” he said. “I’ll tell ya something, she’ll be waiting a long time for the ring though,” O’Toole added.

When asked about the alien figure in the photo he snapped through the third porthole window from the Apollo’s on-board latrine in 1971, O’Toole said, “Oh yeah, yer man. He’s a bit grainy alright. I wasn’t happy with the resolution at all, at all, at all.”

When this interviewer asked the opinion of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus the overwhelming response was one of disbelief.

“O’Toole should not have used the flash,” the Tooth Fairy said. “It floods the photo with light.”

In response, the Easter Bunny debated whether or not the flash contributed to the elongated shadow of the moon alien.

“I don’t believe that the Kodak Instamatic Camera has a slow shutter release function, which would have reduced the necessity for the flash. So, it was a poor choice of camera for this type of shot,” the Easter Bunny said and added, “And anyway, it was a very bad angle. The man is a fool!”

Santa Claus, in utter shock, had to be given the Heimlich maneuver to prevent choking on a chocolate chip cookie. After finishing his milk and chocolate chip cookies, he looked at his wall calendar and asked, “Is it April Fool’s Day or what?”

Moon Men in Crater


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