Little Christmas Day

My mother always hid one sprig of holly behind a hanging picture. “Good luck” she called it, for the new year ahead.  She couldn’t part with Christmas entirely it seems.

On January 6th she began taking down all our Christmas decorations. The last reminder of Christmas, a solitary red candle, illuminated each window, lighting the way for the arrival of the three kings.

The tree,  crispy and dry, stands bare at midnight on January 6th. The ornaments and tinsel removed and stored away until next year. The candles in each window burning as a reminder that this is the 12th day of Christmas. The last day of Christmas, and in Ireland we called it Little Christmas.

There was no special dinner, no gifts were exchanged. The house, looking Day time candleempty and sterile, returned to its regular run of the mill existence. The last reminder of colorful Christmas clutter remains on the window sill, waiting for midnight.

Happy 2016 to all, and as the decorations and tree are removed remember to have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.


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