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Celtic PinHello there and welcome to Breise Breise, which is Irish for Extra Extra. My name Loretto. I am  an ex-middle school language arts teacher, present day Pilates instructor, and a permanently frustrated writer who wants to be a famous author when she grows up. Hence this blog and the self-published books.

Writing is like playing the piano, isn’t it? You’ve got to practice everyday to improve the skill. Hemingway stood when he wrote, Colm Toibin writes in a uncomfortable chair, and I write in a comfortable, cushioned computer chair. Maybe I need to get out of my “comfort zone?” Would that help improve my writing skills?

Think of this blog as my effort to think out-loud and show evolution of thought whilst practicing my writing skills, from a very comfortable, cushioned computer chair, located in the kitchen that I never cook in. It’s true, just ask my husband. I like to write, so I have self published a few books, and I certainly love to be a bit twee and melancholy about Ireland.

You’ll be able to navigate this blog using the search bar, (type in Lumgullion, and see what happens) or just scroll through the recent posts on the left of the Home Screen.

Hope you enjoy the blog and remember to leave a comment or follow if you feel so inclined! Thanks for visiting, and please visit often!

“I never know what I think about something until I read what I’ve written on it.”
William Faulkner

Check out my website to see my books.

Loretto Leary’s Author Website

Ullghoirt (Author’s YouTube Channel)

I also read a few books, watch some plays and movies here and there and blog my reviews:

Page, Stage, and Screen

The reason I chose the William Faulkner quote above is because I think writing connects us in a deeper and more critical way to our thoughts. I want to show, through my writing, that thought is not a stangnant thing. There’s a lot of PC going around these days, some of it good, most of it stifling, so what’s wrong with thinking outloud and talking to ourselves? If I say something that you disagree with, let’s have a debate about it.

28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. One question I keep wanting to ask, Loretto—- When you came to the US, you didn’t continue your quest into journalism. Had you already changed your mind on that, or was that something you did once you arrived, and why?


  2. Loretto! I am impressed. I will be checking back in to see how you’re doing. Isn’t this a blast? Do you Tweet, too? Watch out, world. … Lori

  3. I’m no critic but I like your writing style Loretto. “The Circles” is 21st century Dante. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for visiting my blog. Always great to make a connection with fellow educators.
    Warmth and Peace

  4. I enjoyed your book “Outward Walls.” Amazing how our judgements shape our reality so that we create an entire structure of beliefs around another persons life and interpret their behavior accordingly. You did a fantastic job of leading the reader through that process. I found myself engrossed in Siobhan’s repulsion at Maurice and Erica and her affection for Emily only to have all the perceptions shattered in the last couple of pages. Great story.
    Warmth and Peace

  5. Hello again. Sorry for this. Not enough characters at twitter. I am Vladimir Pesic, from Serbia, Belgrade. I am at MA studies at International Politics department, at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade. I have had ethnic conflicts for one of my subjects at the Faculty. SO I was very interested in British-Irish conflict. My thesis is: “Good Friday Agreement”, between Great Britain, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. So I am learning Irish history right now. You have very rich history, and the conflict between catholics and protestants is very tragic. I am fascinated by the Republic of Ireland.

  6. This is your NC fan who needs some of your expertise on how to loose 20 lbs. Know you are a big Pilates fan but I need a routine!
    What do you suggest?
    xo Judy

  7. Dear friend, Thank you very much, I was really happy to have been following your blog. I’m still a lot to figure out, and here I can only say that you are an awesome blogger, full Inspiring and hope you can inspire more readers. Thanks and greetings compassion from Gede Prama :)

  8. Loretto, I really enjoyed meeting you, Kevin and Sean in Grand Cayman….just wish it hadn’t been on my last day there! I’m glad to have found your blog and look forward to reading some of your stories!

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