Veggie Protein and Smoothie Combinations

I have to share this FB post here. I always worry about my protein intake. Although I eat a lot of fish, and drink a daily protein shake, which has 20g of protein, I do worry if that is enough. Protein, after all, is the muscle builder.

Here is a great chart from Jay Kordich on Facebook and he also has a website

Veggie Protein in %'s (Picture via

Veggie Protein in %’s (Picture via

In addition to the veggie protein chart there is also a great illustration for smoothie combinations on

5 Steps for smoothie combinations (Image source:

5 Steps for smoothie combinations (Image source:

Smoothie Combinations via

Smoothie Combinations via



Explicit Directions

Christmas 2012 012

White frosting and coconut covered land mine. As Martha Stewart might say, “It’s a beautiful thing.”

I can read, I can write, but sometimes I have great difficulty following directions, especially those written on the back of cake or brownie mixes.

For years I have retained the title of worst brownie maker on the planet, a title well-earned and greatly deserved. I bought the box mix that came with a little sachet/bag of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Nowhere, and I stress NOWHERE on the box directions does it say, “Now add the Hershey’s syrup.” For years, now going on two decades, I have been throwing away those little baggies of Hershey’s chocolate syrup thinking it was a free sample. The brownies were of the consistency and flavor of chocolate flavored shoe leather.

This week I baked a french vanilla and white cake with a seven minute frosting. NOWHERE and I stress again, NOWHERE on the box did it say, “Now divide the mixture into two round pans. So I bought two boxes, and poured one each into the round pans. What I ended up with was a coconut white frosting covered land mine. And it was delicious.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t attempting to make Schweddy Balls! It’s been years since I’ve seen beautiful Schweddy balls.


All Saints Clothing Store, Newbury Street in Boston

We were in Boston for the Wine Expo all weekend long. What a nice city.
Two great restaurants, Limincello’s


Abe and Louie’s
I loved Marleborough street off of Beacon Hill and Newbury Street was a shoppers heaven.
There was a store there called All Saints, apparrel store, and their window display was hundreds of the old fashioned Singer sewing machines, really well done. But slightly confusing, I thought it was a college for clothing designers.

Food! Glorious Food!


Manuscript Restaurant
Kempinski Hotel

Best Dover Sole I have ever eaten. The ice cream and melted chocolate was the nicest way to finish a meal!
Le Coq Restaurant

Forgettable, because I can’t remember what I ate. Oh Yes! Dover Sole….forget about it!

La Dome Restaurant {Sea Food}

The barnacle things were salty, but good.

La Truffiere Restaurant
{Peas in sorbet! and RHUBARB wine,
yes, I said RHUBARB wine!}
Paris-Latin Quarter



The Palm {Same old same old, but the dessert is HUGE}

I felt ill after the dessert! See food diet?

Sofie’s Steakhouse Covent garden
London {kid friendly, so it is noisy :)}

I had steak, so so.

Landmark Hotel restaurant
Marlebone, London

Dover Sole again! Better than the one in Paris though!

Goodman restaurant {Steak Lovers heaven}

I ate chicken in a steak restaurant! What was I thinking? The chicken was very good though.

The French Horn

Reading UK

I can’t remember what I ate, I know it was fantastic!  The outdoor  setting and the dining room were just beautiful.

Terra Restaurant

Greenwich, CT

The fish was delish! Dessert was delicious also.

Capital Grille

Stamford, CT  and New York City, they are in Florida too

The best lobster bisque Ever! It is a great steakhouse, but the lobster is fantastic too.

La Bretagne

Stamford, CT

Best house salad I have ever eaten and of course, Dover sole is de-boned table side by Jean Daniel, the owner.

Union League Cafe

New Haven, CT

Mussels with fennel in white wine! NY Strip Steak, all the food was delicious. Pink Grape fruit sorbet!

Texas de Brazil, Orlando  (US Chain)

Truly a steak lover’s heaven. Turn the wood thing a ma bob to show green at the top and more meat arrives at your table! All you can eat meat!

The Boathouse at Saugatuck

521 Riverside Aveenue

Westport, CT. 06880


The chef, John Holzwarth, knows that local produce provides the best flavors. The chicken was simply THE BEST I have ever eaten. This once private club restaurant is now open to the public. A small dining room with a wonderful athmosphere. In warmer weather eat outside on the deck overlooking the Saugatuck river. If you’re visiting Westport, Connecticut be sure to make dinner reservations here. The deserts were not their strong point, but everything else; from bread, to olive oil, starters to entrees were simply delicious.


98 Washington Street, South Norwalk, CT

I started with “Bagel and Lox” it could have been my entre and was delicious. My main course was a wild striped sea bass on a bed of diced sweet potatoes and polenta, I think? Great meal. The Starter was out of this world though.


265 Glenville Road, Greenwich, CT

The last time I was there I had my favorite starter on the menu, a boiled egg with caviar. The best starter I have eaten ANYWHERE! Presentation is just tops.


Gabriele’s restaurant in Greenwich CT is a very trendy and hip place to eat. The dispaly of color coordinated liquor bottles backlit behind the main bar is a sight to behold. An open firplace greets visitors. The food was delicious, on the pricey side, but excellent. On my first visit I ate the halibut and the Frech Toast dessert. Second visit I had the lobster spaghetti with truffles and the chocolate bread pudding for desert. Be prepared for the maitre d’ / managing partner, Tony Capasso’s rapid fire trivia questions. “No googling allowed.”


Coleman Brook Tavern

Ludlow, Vermont. At the Jackson Gore Ski Mountain Resort. The menu looked impressive, seafood steak etc. The service took forever and when the food did arrive the sefodd risotto was just alright and the steaks were overdone and rubbery. The ‘Smores dessert is pricey but serves at least five.

Bella Luna

Ludlow, Vermont

Lovely setting, pity about the food. Despite the beautiful setting and decor, the food was mediocre.

Boston, Massachusetts

We were in Boston for the Wine Expo all weekend long. What a nice city. Two great restaurants,

Limincello’s where I had the Chilean Sea Bass, delish, and if you do go there be sure to ask for the appetizer that is pasta with pink sauce that looks like a flower!


Abe and Louie’s: Great steak house and their Chocolate Cake was a WALL of chocolate, also their lemon sorbet was huge!


Dromoland Castle Hotel, County Clare

Classical old world style, and never a bad meal.

Artisan restaurant

2 Quay Street Galway 091-532655

The sea food is fantastic and the athmosphere of Galway is always vibrant and ecclectic culturally! It is after all “the city of the Tribes.”

The Central Bar and Wine Bar

Ballycastle, Co. Antrim.

Northern Ireland

Great athmosphere and delicious food. Preperation and presentation were tops here! Well worth the drive from the Giant’s Causeway!