Six Degrees of Separation: Tom Cruise and Ozzy Osbourne

I always tend to look for how things are influenced, the interconnectedness, if you will, of things.

Be they thoughts or actions, nothing was born in isolation. It stemmed from something else. So without further delay, I give you six degrees of separation, a new page on Breise Breise.

The first six degrees of separation lesson is Tom Cruise and Ozzy Osbourne

Tom Cruise (Image source:

Tom Cruise (Image source:

1. Tom Cruise is a Scientologist

2. Scientology was developed by  L. Ron Hubbard.

3.  L. Ron Hubbard was a fan/admirer of an occultist called Aleister Crowley.

4. Hubbard based certain aspects of Scientology on Crowley’s religious beliefs.

5. Crowley liked to dress up in various religious garb and Ozzy Osbourne used depictions of himself dressed like Aleister Crowley for album covers.

Ozzy Osbourne (Image source:

Ozzy Osbourne (Image source:

6. Ozzy Osbourne’s song, Mr. Crowley is about Alesiter Crowley.

And there you have the six degrees of separation between Tom and Ozzy.

If you are curious about Scientology watch the video below of L. Ron Hubbard’s son talking about Scientology and his father in 1983.

Aleister Crowley in Magus garb (Image Source: Wikipedia)

Aleister Crowley in Magus garb (Image Source: Wikipedia)

1983 Interview with Ron L Hubbard’s son Ron DeWolf.

DeWolf mentions Scientology’s Fair Game Doctrine which means anyone who goes against Ron L Hubbard or Scientology, “can be attacked, sued, lied to, deprived of property or destroyed.”